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Thank you for visiting Earthborn Products, the original online source for nature’s safe and effective health supplements such as Colloidal Silver and Siberian Chaga Extract. Earthborn Products has been in business since 1997 and is a family owned and operated company with the highest quality products available.

About our Siberian Chaga

The Siberian Chaga formula is extracted from premium grade Siberian Chaga harvested from black birch forests existing in the most extreme climatic conditions of Western Siberia. The extreme nature of the Siberian winters appears to be the environmental quality that yields premium Chaga mushrooms high in antioxidant value.

Our Siberian Chaga is of the highest quality and is handcrafted from an award-winning harvester in Russia. It is 100% Natural and is a GMO-free product. It is grown on Black Birch trees in the mountains of Russia, and our Siberian Chaga contains the highest amounts of Phytonutrients and SOD values available. SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) are enzymes that keep cell membranes supple and healthy. SOD enzymes decrease as we age, depending on genetic predisposition. (click here for more info)

About our Colloidal Silver

We offer a superior 100 ppm Monatomic Colloidal Silver to work in conjunction with the body’s immune system to maintain optimal health. Many different brands of colloidal silver are available on the market today. The highest-grade colloidal silver is manufactured using the electro-colloidal process. Our colloidal silver is “Monatomic” (mono=one, atomic=atom). This means that the silver, because of its extremely small size, is more readily absorbed by the tissues and, consequently, much more effective. Earthborn Products has a long history of loyal customers due to the effectiveness of our Colloidal Silver and the difference it makes in maintaining good health.*

About our StemEnhance

Another product that we sell is StemEnhance or SE2. SE2 is a proprietary blend of extraordinary, all-natural ingredients that support a significant increase in the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood. Your own adult stem cells have the power to maintain and repair tissue cells as needed – a vital, life-sustaining process that helps to maintain your health and well being. “Messengers” are sent by tissues in need and a different set of “messengers” attract adult stem cells to migrate into tissues where the stem cells reproduce and become new, healthy cells of that tissue . These affect any tissues in your body and have had amazing results from customers who have taken it.*

What does all this mean to you? You have our assurance of excellence, consistency, quality controls, and truth in labeling. We feel confident that you cannot find safer and more effective products anywhere.