What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is tasteless, odorless, and won’t upset the stomach. There are no known side effects whatsoever in animals or humans. It contains no free radicals, as the silver acts as a catalyst and is stabilized.

Colloidal is a term describing a substance containing particles so small they remain suspended in liquid or gas. In this case, silver is suspended in pure steam-distilled water. Colloidal particles, unlike dissolved particles in a suspension, stay in solution and retain their whole form and qualities. Silver atoms are small enough that when swallowed pass through mucous membranes in the intestinal lining.

The smaller the size of the particle, the easier it is to be absorbed and have access to most areas of the body. The smallest particle size is an atom. This colloidal silver is called “monatomic” and produces a solution that is CRYSTAL CLEAR. The “monatomic” colloidal silver will stay in solution, and it is NOT sensitive to light or temperature. In other words, it needs no special handling.

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Colloidal Silver 100 PPM

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Colloidal Silver Benefits – Learn More

Colloidal silver benefits the body in several ways due to having a direct effect on cellular respiration. Learn more about how colloidal silver can help you take an integrated health approach to meet your health & wellness goals below.


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