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About Our Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver

About Our Colloidal Silver


Here you will find information as to what makes good quality and effective colloidal silver. What are Colloidal Silver benefits and how can they help you?

Let’s start with a few comparisons between ours and those from other manufacturers because there is much misinformation circulating throughout the Internet regarding the various types of colloidal silver.

Professor Ronald J. Gibbs who was the director of the Center for Colloidal Science at the University of Delaware from 1981 through 2000, published a book in 1999 titled, “Silver Colloids – Do They Work?”.

On page 25, under the heading “Yellow color of products”, Professor Gibbs states the following:

“a yellow color indicates that the material has particles larger than are desirable. If a yellow color is present in the product it is probably indicating that some other unwanted substance is present causing the color, or that the particles are too large, either way indicating that the colloidal silver product is not acceptable nor is of the highest quality. The highest quality colloidal silver products tested were all colorless.”

On the same page, under the heading “AC or DC produced colloidal silver”, Professor Gibbs continues:

“All of the highest 4-star rated colloidal silver products tested were produced utilizing the AC process.”

Our colloidal silver is crystal clear in color and is produced utilizing the AC method.

Further, Kenneth S. Friedman, Ph. D., in his book “The New Silver Solution” states:

“Old silver products, often brown or yellow, contained far more silver but were less effective. By contrast, the most effective of the new silver solutions are clear and colorless and have no odor and little taste, and only a faint metallic aftertaste”.

1) Colloidal, Ionic, and Mild Silver Protein (MSP)

Here is one of the biggest Colloidal Silver benefits our product has. Our Monatomic colloidal silver is processed using pure silver (99.999%), suspended in pure steam-distilled water.

We call our product “Monatomic Colloidal Silver” because the silver in suspension consists of individual silver atoms (mono=one and atomic=atom). No stabilizers, additives, chemicals, or proteins, are added.

When stabilizers and proteins are added to ionic solutions, the particles can clump together and become too large. When the silver particles are larger than 1 micron in size, they are not easily absorbed into the blood stream and, therefore, not very effective.

In Mild Silver Protein, or MSP, the silver is bonded with organic compounds (proteins) and just as ionic solutions with stabilizers, the particles can form clumps and become ineffective. Also, MSP has been known to cause Argyria.

Lab comparisons show that quality electro-colloidal silver outperforms MSP in vitro (in lab experiments against bacteria) by a wide margin with only a fraction of the concentration of actual silver.

2) Silver Particle Size

OURS: Our colloidal silver is “Monatomic” as explained above (mono=one, atomic=atom). This means that the silver, because of its extremely small size, is more readily absorbed by the tissues and consequently much more effective. Also, smaller particles contribute to “clarity” (color), which is explained below.

For further clarification about particle size, and our colloidal silver, see the section quoted from under the heading “AC versus DC” below.

OTHERS: Generally, one can easily identify those with large silver particles. The color of the solutions tends to be darker, and the larger silver particles are not as readily absorbed and, therefore, less effective.

3) Clarity (Color)

One critical indicator of the quality of colloidal silver is its color. The ideal color is clear. A clear solution signifies that there is no agglomeration to form larger clumps of particles which, in turn, may render the colloidal silver more difficult to absorb and, therefore, less potent. Darker colors indicate larger silver particles that tend to collect at the bottom of the bottle.

OURS: Crystal clear.

OTHERS: Various. As the size of the silver particles get larger, the color of the suspension ranges from light yellow to yellow, to brown, to red, to gray, to black.

4) AC versus DC

Many different brands of colloidal silver are available on the market today. The highest-grade colloidal silver is manufactured using the electro-colloidal process.

All of the highest-rated colloidal silver products are produced utilizing the AC (alternating current) process.

OURS: AC method

OTHERS: AC, DC, and other methods (chemical).

The best way to describe a good colloidal silver via the electrolysis method is the term “isolated silver”. Isolated silver refers to silver particles and silver ions, surrounded by pure water molecules (H2O). Silver, hydrogen, oxygen, a small amount of nitrogen, and a minute amount of carbon are the only elements present, with the silver ions bound predominantly with ( OH – ). has stated that:

“High voltage AC (HVAC) colloidal silver contains much smaller particles with a higher charge density than conventional DC colloidal silver. The particles are so small, in fact, that they do not register using a standard laboratory spectroscopy analysis. The solution appears crystal clear. Many researchers have suggested that AC colloidal silver is a “mono atomic” form, meaning that the silver particles are as small as one atom of silver.”

5) Packaging

OURS: BPA-free, natural color plastic (HDPE) bottles and containers. There are no special storage requirements.

OTHERS: Most of them require dark glass bottles and containers. Because of the large size of the particles and color of the suspension, they might react to light.

6) Other Considerations

I) If a product contains a stabilizer or proteins to bind the silver, or lists trace elements other than silver, DO NOT use it.

II) If a product needs to be shaken, it is inferior.

III) If a product needs to be refrigerated, possibly some other ingredient is present that could spoil.

The superior formula retains a clear color and will contain NO artificial stabilizers, chemicals, or additives.

Characteristics of Our Products:

  • Small particles (Monatomic)? YES
  • Is the solution clear? YES
  • AC-method of production? YES
  • Contains pure silver? YES
  • Contains pure distilled water? YES
  • Contains stabilizers/proteins? NO
  • Contains other ingredients? NO
  • Special packaging required? NO
  • Requires refrigeration? NO

All of the above characteristics can be summed up in one word: QUALITY.

Immune-Boosting Power Bundle

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Immunity Plus Pairing


Tyndall Effect

This test is outdated. It was used decades ago by chemists to determine if a colloid contained any particles suspended in the solution. This method can still be used, but it only works effectively for a product containing large particles in order to refract light.

The new ultra-fine colloidal silver products that contain extremely small particles, will exhibit very little, if any, Tyndall effect, rendering the test obsolete. Consequently, this would be the most effective colloidal silver.

The statement “small is best” is often used when referring to silver colloid and colloidal technology in general.

Our colloidal silver is “monatomic” (mono=one, atomic=atom), meaning that each particle is the size of an atom. This simply means that the size of the silver particles is so small that better absorption is achieved and better results are obtained.

Our unique process achieves the purity of the silver colloid by exact specifications and standards using pure steam-distilled water and 99.999 % pure silver.

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Signup NOW to receive 20% off your first purchase!

Receive Members ONLY discounts, special offers, and the knowledge to make informed choices that will help prevent chronic diseases and improve your quality of life.

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