Marit Braemer

Earthborn Products is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1997 by Marit Braemer, RN.

Marit was born in Norway and grew up living off the land, which she continued
to do even after moving to California for nursing school.  She had four children and raised them 100% naturally. This included growing their own fruits and vegetables, raising their chickens for eggs, baking their own bread, and even making their own peanut butter and jellies from scratch.  Her kids were the ones in school with whom no one would trade lunch items with.


While working as a registered nurse in the state of California for over 35 years, Marit continued to live her life holistically. Her love for everything pure and natural has led to a lifestyle loaded with vitamins, minerals,energy work, healing stones, and all kinds of lotions and potions.


During a health and wellness show, Marit met a physicist who had created a way to make Colloidal Silver yeilding extra fine particles that were highly
effective and extremely safe. They hit it off, and eventually, he agreed to sell her his proprietary Colloidal Silver production equipment, teaching her all of the details behind the process. He passed away within two weeks of selling his equipment to her, so having him pass the knowledge on to Marit before his passing was a blessing.


Marit started making Colloidal Silver and started off just giving it to friends, family, and neighbors, all by word of mouth.  Over time, people started returning for more, and her Colloidal Silver production grew. In 2002, she launched the website  At this time, she was one of the only sites selling Colloidal Silver online.
The business continued to grow over the years, and Marit added new
products to the inventory (including adding Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract to their products). When she decided to retire and move to Panama, her daughter Sheri took over the business.  Sheri is also a holistic naturalist and had been taking Colloidal Silver, among many other natural remedies, her whole life, so it was an easy and natural transition.  Over the years, Sheri has added other mushroom tinctures as well to help customers with other natural beneficial support.


Sheri runs the day-to-day operations in San Diego and has expanded the business to other countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore,

and more.  Earthborn now manufactures products for multiple companies and produces dietary supplements, pet care products, as well as skin care products.  In higher concentrations, Colloidal Silver can be used as a natural preservative to help extend the shelf life of cosmetics and other supplemental products.


She is an avid athlete who has participated in multiple sports such as soccer, volleyball, triathlons, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, and Rowing on the Cal Poly SLO Crew team in college and four years of Masters Rowing in San Diego after college.  Sheri is now focusing on Functional Fitness and is an avid camper and hiker who loves living life to the fullest.  Her adventures have brought her to many countries, such as Australia, Bali, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, Canada, and Norway.


Sheri attributes her health, wellness, and endless energy to all the supplements she takes as well as living an active, holistic lifestyle.  She is passionate about Earthborn’s products and would like to share them with as many people and pets worldwide as possible.

Sheri Braemer