We offer a superior Monatomic Colloidal Silver to work in conjunction with the body's immune system in maintaining optimum health - naturally. *

In Monatomic Colloidal Silver, the silver atoms, having a positive charge,  repel each other and will stay suspended indefinitely. The atoms will never clump together settling at the bottom of the container.

Analytical tests such as Transmission Electron Microscopy, performed by an outside independent laboratory on our monatomic colloidal silver can be found in Our Colloidal Silver page together with other relevant information.

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Quality control is of extreme importance, and we achieve this by limiting as many variables in the production process as possible.

'Monatomic' colloidal silver, a very important mineral supplement for the entire family, as well as your pets.Our colloidal silver is prepared using pure silver (99.999%)  suspended in steam-distilled water.

It contains NO proteins, NO stabilizers, NO chemicals, and NO additives.

Throughout this web site you will find detailed information on colloidal silver, including what makes a good quality and effective product. It is one of the best immune system boosters. *

Colloidal silver, when taken daily as a dietary supplement, complements the body's immune system.*

Colloidal Silver enhances the immune system. As a natural health product it is one of the most important dietary supplements in alternative medicine.

It is said that "every cloud has a silver lining." In this case the lining is literally made of silver. COLLOIDAL SILVER is a very important mineral supplement for maintaining thre health of your family, including your pets. *

Colloidal silver, when used on a daily basis, could be a powerful  health measure to enhance the lives of millions of people. *

You can purchase the best bio-available monatomic colloidal silver here.

Earthborn Products wants to make a difference in your life, through better health, naturally. *

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